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Safety is Everyones Responsibilty

New hires are required to take and pass all parts of our in-house training programs. We provide Climber & Rescuer training, First Aid, CPR, BBP, GHS, OSHA 10/30, NWSA TTT1 & TTT2 and any customer required training before work can be performed. A safe day is a good day. Nothing is more important than your safety.

Annual Training

Required Re-Certifications are just as important as the first day you received your training certificates. We will provide mandatory re-newal training to keep our tower technicians up to date and knowledgable on everyday industry changing requirements.

"PPE" Personnal Protective Equipment

Aztech Wireless, Inc Provides all PPE and the tools necessary to complete any task and to help expedite our customers deadlines. All PPE will be familiarized with the user so each project can be completed in a safe and timely manner. 

Strict Safety Policy

We hold a zero-accident record and implement to stay that way. With the fast paced environment that we may encounter, it is imperative that our employees follow our guidelines and the industrys practices . Harnesses are supplied for a reason, if we are notified of an employee that has free-climbed they will be terminated immediately.

Drug and Alcohol Free

Drug Tests are mandatory prior to employment. Any failed results will end in termination immediately.