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Career Opportunities

If you are seeking employment and would like to join our team, please click the link below. We look forward to hearing from you.


-Question "Am I required to travel away from home?"

-Answer "Yes, traveling is part of the job and 80% of the projects we handle are not in town jobs"

-Question "Do I need to pay for my own hotel?"

-Answer "No, hotels are paid for and per-diem is included while you are working away from home"

-Question "Do I need to supply my own tools, harness, etc.?"

-Answer "No, Aztech Wireless will supply all tools and provides you with a new harness and all related PPE equipment with your approved application."

-Question "Since I am new to the industry will I be required to take any training before I go into the field?"

-Answer "Yes, you must complete and pass our in-house Climber/Rescuer training. You will also be required to obtain other certificates from Industry/Carrier specifics before you are eligible to work in the field. We will supply all training necessary."